About Us

GACC is a community organization providing recreational, social, and community building activities to its members and the beautiful Glen Allen community.

Our History
Glen Allen Community Center (GACC) was incorporated on March 23, 1956 as the Glen Allen Youth Center (GAYC) by a small group of Glen Allen residents interested in developing recreational facilities for the youth of Glen Allen. As reported by the now defunct Richmond News Leader in its January 17, 1957 edition, GAYC petitioned the county for a land-use permit on what today is the pool and parking lot. The request was unanimously approved as reported in the January 25 edition Richmond News Leader. In June and August of 1957 additional land was deeded to the GAYC. Today you would recognize that land as the ball fields on the opposite side of Brookley Rd. from the pool and the land which the county today owns; the county has turned that land into a parking lot, tennis courts and a practice football/soccer field. The land which has been converted into ball fields is still owned by the GACC but leased and maintained by the Glen Allen Youth Athletic Association, a separate non profit organization.

Sometime around 1958, a well was dug and an out house and picnic shelter were built. In 1963, Phase I of the GAYC building was constructed. The GACC building that sits on the parking lot today is the original building, however Phase I resulted in the construction of about one-half of today’s building. Money to pay off the debt used to finance the construction of the building was raised through turkey shoots, bake sales, dances and other fundraisers. In 1970, the pool was constructed. Phase II, or the expansion of the building, did not take place until 1978. The building that exists today is the result of Phase II.

In 1980, the articles and by-laws of GAYC were amended to authorize Bingo as a fundraiser to help pay for the debt incurred on Phase II of the building. The introduction of Bingo and other divisive issues split the Board of the GAYC into two factions. As a result, the Glen Allen Swim Club (GASC) was created as a separate organization and the GASC and GAYC co-existed and shared the building for ten years. In 1990, the two organizations decided it was in the best interest of both to merge and operate as one entity. On April 30, 1990, the Glen Allen Community Center was created as a result of the merger. In 1996, the GACC Board anticipated the continuing growth of membership and expanded the pool. Additional expansion has occurred, most recently the construction of a bathhouse in 2000.

If you have any history on the GACC you would like to share for inclusion on our Website, please let us know by emailing communications@glenallenpool.com.

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