Guest Policy

Members of the Glen Allen Community Center are entitled to bring guests to the pool, but must follow the below rules:

  1. Guests must be accompanied by the member and registered at the front desk. Guest fees are to be purchased in Member Splash prior to arrival or at the front office upon arrival (no cash).
  2. The guest fee is $10 per person.
  3. Members who are 13 may be bring ONE guest who is 13 or older.
  4. Members who are 16+ may bring one or more guests of any age. 
  5. Please remember that guests and their behavior at the pool are the responsibility of the pool member. This includes the friends that your children check in as guests. The guest MUST leave the pool when the member who checked them in leaves the pool. No exceptions.
  6. Guest passes are non-transferable and do not carry over season to season.